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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bengalooru ---> City of Oceans

Yeah You all heard me correct .It is Indeed a city of Oceans.Sagar (dose it ring a bell now ) How can you forget the sagar's ..shanthi sagar's.sukh sagars.I say that whoever has been part of bangalore should have visted at least on of the sagars.Well it is such a kinda life line of bangalore. Imagine If all the sagar's , well in local language they call it darshini's go for a total shutdown in one day ,it will be a real hungry day for all the bachelores & spinsters :) as well as for the floating population,labourers,office goers .. lots and lots can be added into this list.

You agree or disagree it has become part of bangolereans and has become a life line for us ,which I can say is in parallel of the local trains of Mumbai.In fact the place where i stay is surrounded by four sagars. So I can safely say i stay in a island :) ha ha ..

Since I frequent these places,I am amazed how smoothly the setup works ditto like a manufacturing unit.Lots of questions run in mind such as ..the amount of works hours the boys put i.e getting early morning ..preparing the food for the day ,setting the food..till the very late in the night cleaning the whole setup..God they are having a hell off a day.This goes all week ,365 days of the year. God When will they take rest man (only on the day when there is a city bandh).

What is the mode of entertainment for them(other than there interactions of different types of human beings fighting for food).I cant remember any other one.
My personal favourite is that ,has the dosa master have a count of how many dosas he had prepared in his whole carrier.If he has then gosssssssssssssh it would be a huge numberrrrr.Or dose any one has a count of how many idli's have been prepared till now .If they have the number , then i can safely say it can circle around and make a roundtrip when stacked side by side from earth to moon :) many number times.

On a informative note,Starting with just idli's ,wada's,dosa's, they have spread there hands into norh indian , chinees dishes..May be there will be a day where you can cater yourself with burgers,pastas,mexican ...may be what not . It is like how an real ocean accommodates all kind of species in it :)

Assignment for the day is to find out whether u r staying in a island ,plateau or an peninsula or how far is the ocean from your place .....

And Finaly Namma Bengalooru is a city of gardens,city of IT,city of Pubs & Indeed a City of Oceans

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