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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bengalooru ---> City of Oceans

Yeah You all heard me correct .It is Indeed a city of Oceans.Sagar (dose it ring a bell now ) How can you forget the sagar's ..shanthi sagar's.sukh sagars.I say that whoever has been part of bangalore should have visted at least on of the sagars.Well it is such a kinda life line of bangalore. Imagine If all the sagar's , well in local language they call it darshini's go for a total shutdown in one day ,it will be a real hungry day for all the bachelores & spinsters :) as well as for the floating population,labourers,office goers .. lots and lots can be added into this list.

You agree or disagree it has become part of bangolereans and has become a life line for us ,which I can say is in parallel of the local trains of Mumbai.In fact the place where i stay is surrounded by four sagars. So I can safely say i stay in a island :) ha ha ..

Since I frequent these places,I am amazed how smoothly the setup works ditto like a manufacturing unit.Lots of questions run in mind such as ..the amount of works hours the boys put i.e getting early morning ..preparing the food for the day ,setting the food..till the very late in the night cleaning the whole setup..God they are having a hell off a day.This goes all week ,365 days of the year. God When will they take rest man (only on the day when there is a city bandh).

What is the mode of entertainment for them(other than there interactions of different types of human beings fighting for food).I cant remember any other one.
My personal favourite is that ,has the dosa master have a count of how many dosas he had prepared in his whole carrier.If he has then gosssssssssssssh it would be a huge numberrrrr.Or dose any one has a count of how many idli's have been prepared till now .If they have the number , then i can safely say it can circle around and make a roundtrip when stacked side by side from earth to moon :) many number times.

On a informative note,Starting with just idli's ,wada's,dosa's, they have spread there hands into norh indian , chinees dishes..May be there will be a day where you can cater yourself with burgers,pastas,mexican ...may be what not . It is like how an real ocean accommodates all kind of species in it :)

Assignment for the day is to find out whether u r staying in a island ,plateau or an peninsula or how far is the ocean from your place .....

And Finaly Namma Bengalooru is a city of gardens,city of IT,city of Pubs & Indeed a City of Oceans

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bengalooru bits

I have a bad habit reading every bit of news, as i say even if it may be from pamplete or to an autobiography.For me it is anything to everything :)

This week I came across two such news about namma bengalooru.

Lal Bagh


Now you know where you need to go to learn salsa:). But I am puzzeled why not our own indian dance forms like bharathanatya,kucchipudi etc . Well my guess is that may be there are few International pupils present there , hence salsa was the preferred choice :) Way to go bengalooru .... One more step towards joining cosmopolitan club.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chilllllllllllllllllll Maadiiiiillll

Still relishing the taste of all those afghani cuisine consists of chicken and lamb had in last night dinner , I just ventured outside office to see the thick black clouds all over the sky , a la Will Smith Kinda moment :)(Will smith in the movie "independence day" observing sudden darkness, comes outside to see dark alien mother ship covering the whole city , the whole shadow of its making the light dull and dark).Exactly the same thing I felt.

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With chilling bone cracking wind , slight drizzel and the dark clouds, perfect setup to have some hot spicy wada and bajjii :) Gosh I would relish that too.. So day by day Bengalooru is getting chiller ......Ooops I forgot to tell about the afghani dinner.

It a place called "Samarkhand",if you are non-vegi then you are in the right place.The place look and feel like "daku's base camp in an old hindi movie" (Kinda dark with dimm lighting , swords crossed and hung around, fire lit (AKKA mashal).

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Things which I found intresing are,

Menu card ...Yeah u guessed it right. Do not mistake it for a newspaper :)
Tasty non-veg food, dum biryani should be part of your order.That a definet.

Waiters :) Man what height ...7 feet long , looks like basketball players recuricted from NBA or US or directly flown from Kabul (Remeber "Kudha gawa" movie,towering height of BIG B in afghani suit) Thats exactly you will see.

People who are having good height, please do some stretcing exercise before going there ,cos there is every possibility of your legs getting cramped.Saw how discomfert few of my pals were feeling.

Precautinory Note:) It will be little heavy for you pocket on eating out here.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Advent of Winter.......

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am not sure of the name of the tree, but I remember that i read about it in some newspaper that it blossoms in winter.

Realllly beautiful,Have previlege of seeing this beauty everyday .Cos it is in front of my house :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cutting Edge Technology :)

Had been to a saloon near my place and I came across the true cutting edge technology :) ha ha .See the snap and you will beleive what i say.

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Check out the cross belt, dosent it remind you of "police inspector" characters in old movies having a gun pouch, also the "dacus" have there bullets neatly sloted into there individual slots and also dagger pouches.

This is one of the perfect exams of the saying "old wine in new bottle"

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brigades to Skandagiri

After recovering from the mid week ill health , the best thing to get my body system to top gear and completely recharge is to Go for trek .Thanks for my friend krithi.So terk it is.

As instructed , landed at M.G road at 6 am in the morning,the trasnsport was there at the correct time, but the passangers were yet to come.Well the best part is that i had the leverage of parking my bike in any corner of M.G road :), it was damm empty.I cheked out the whole road up and down and finaly settled for the spot in front of barton center where few bikes were there.Now began my majestic stroll in MG road as well brigades, now i had started feeling hungry .Saw KFC shutters opened, thought let me do the First "boni" for KFC today.Jai KFC for breakfast ,sadly they were just cleaning the place,same scence in Mac.Finaly had to settle for the roadside chai:). Well saw the new brand shop "GAS" in brigade. one more feather added to that road.

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Finally all set, as per IST left the place to the skandagiri.The best part of treks is that you meet and make new friends and ofcourse the usual ingriedents like nature,exercise to your body, fresh air etc.Its a customory that we play DC's, so DC it is all the way to the starting point of the trek.

Beagn ascent to the peak ,since it was the early hours of the morning ,did not feel the tiredness. Already trekkers who had tented at the top of the hill the previous night were started to trickle down to the base camp. They say it is a very good sight at the top of the hills early morning.You can touch the clouds kida of feeling.

Usual chatting,conversation and photo sessions were going on in full fledge on reaching every higher steep or point .Sometimes I curse why digi cam was made :) keep on clicking until battery goes off (sala reel katam hi nahi hotha).I still remember in one of my college day treks on reaching the intial peakwith fog and mist coverving ,all of us thought we reached the peak, and there you go ...:) full photo session with the reel wala camera,and slowly clouds cleared and we see there are lot of hills to climb yet. ha ha full reel got over.Thats another story that we showed the same photos and told everyone in the college that it was taken in the final peek :)

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With new friends meena,smitha,amit & darshan (akka D.J) it was good mix of our usual gang and them. it was very nice to know them all .Like it happens in the marathon , the pacemakers broke away and made the lead pack and started climbing.The reaminng pack followed.Finally rechached the peak, a really good view. I can assure that you can find picturustic view all through the trek.We all gulped our midday breakfast omlete and bread.

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After the brief stay at the peek , we began out descent through the steep hills.The shutter bugs were also in full flow tooo .Slow and steady all came back to the base camp.On way back to bangalore,we played one more customry game "anthrakshri". I feel it is a default game which is in our gene , same in terms of "soliatre" as in windows :) ha ha .A quick stop was given for lunch in a dhabha.I am pretty sure, the dhabha people will not feel necessary to wash our plates , cos we cleaned off everything and could see our own faces in the plate after and before the lunch, That much dammm hungry we were. Very good trek indeeddddddddddd.

All got down and I hope all of them reached home safely, but I had to do one more task for the day.Riding my bike from MG road to my home without wearing my helmet , yeah i did not get my helmet in the morning.For my rotten luck, a Traffic inspector had parked his bike in front of my bike ...ohhhhh nooooo. I had to make two three rounds of MG and brigades, then I saw finally he had left from there. And some how I reached home...at last home sweet home.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Police Naka & the parcel collector

Had been to namma bengalooru Airport to send a parcel to my friend who stays in Lanka. As i was cooly riding my bike making my entrance into the airport, there was a police ziz zag made, like the way they have in mysore bangalore highway.Along with these i notice a board stating "Police naka" :) dose it ring a bell in all your minds , a similar rhyming word uttered in a popular movie . Well it rang for me instantaneoulsy "khera naka", kya takur aajkal hajiri dene nahi aathe ho..
aamir's uttrance of those words , a major limelight of that movie.

Parked my bike, bloddy 15 rupees as parking charge. For this amount i can park my bike in M.G road area for 4 days :). Well as usual the guy who had to take the parcel was held up in the traffic jam. Very gooood. I can make two three circles of the airport , which i infact did.Checking out all the beautiful airhostess and passengers too . Enough of rounds .went to have a cup of coffee,definetely One of the places in bangalore where you can have coffee or have something to eat when you are out midnight or wee hours of the morning.Well other place which i know is shivajinagar. I dont know , whenever i come to the airport i always feel at home with it. It just feels like i am strawling in mysore bus stand.So smmall it is.

Finally parcel collector (dosent it sounds like "bone collector" the movie, just kidding .I am in a hangover of rhyming words) arrives, collegue of my friend.I took out the parcel , a song collection CD :). Well few more things were to be sent , but did not get it.The guy said ,is it the only thing to be sent. poor guy he might have not taken few things in order to accomodate the parcel . He should have definetely cursed me :) god bless him.

All things done , mission accomplished.Now back to base.

Did you know people who help in taking you luggage and pushing the trolleys, make a cool 12 to 15 K per month (inclusive of all the hefty tips they get).Got to know about this from a resourceful person inside the airport :)