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Friday, November 30, 2007

Police Naka & the parcel collector

Had been to namma bengalooru Airport to send a parcel to my friend who stays in Lanka. As i was cooly riding my bike making my entrance into the airport, there was a police ziz zag made, like the way they have in mysore bangalore highway.Along with these i notice a board stating "Police naka" :) dose it ring a bell in all your minds , a similar rhyming word uttered in a popular movie . Well it rang for me instantaneoulsy "khera naka", kya takur aajkal hajiri dene nahi aathe ho..
aamir's uttrance of those words , a major limelight of that movie.

Parked my bike, bloddy 15 rupees as parking charge. For this amount i can park my bike in M.G road area for 4 days :). Well as usual the guy who had to take the parcel was held up in the traffic jam. Very gooood. I can make two three circles of the airport , which i infact did.Checking out all the beautiful airhostess and passengers too . Enough of rounds .went to have a cup of coffee,definetely One of the places in bangalore where you can have coffee or have something to eat when you are out midnight or wee hours of the morning.Well other place which i know is shivajinagar. I dont know , whenever i come to the airport i always feel at home with it. It just feels like i am strawling in mysore bus stand.So smmall it is.

Finally parcel collector (dosent it sounds like "bone collector" the movie, just kidding .I am in a hangover of rhyming words) arrives, collegue of my friend.I took out the parcel , a song collection CD :). Well few more things were to be sent , but did not get it.The guy said ,is it the only thing to be sent. poor guy he might have not taken few things in order to accomodate the parcel . He should have definetely cursed me :) god bless him.

All things done , mission accomplished.Now back to base.

Did you know people who help in taking you luggage and pushing the trolleys, make a cool 12 to 15 K per month (inclusive of all the hefty tips they get).Got to know about this from a resourceful person inside the airport :)

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Winnie the poohi said...

nice inside info.. did u ever consider being a journalist ??

u catlogue stuff nicely